1. “Tap it Now is not a part of the Google website or Google Inc.“:
This statement clarifies that “Tap it Now” is a separate entity and is not affiliated with either the official Google website or Google Inc., the parent company. It emphasizes the independence of “Tap it Now” from the official Google entities, suggesting that the website or service is privately owned and operated.

2. “Additionally, this site is NOT endorsed by Google in any way.“:
This part of the disclaimer emphasizes that Google has not given its official approval or support to “Tap it Now.” It makes it clear that the services, products, or content provided by “Tap it Now” have not been sanctioned or promoted by Google. This is important to prevent any misconceptions about an official connection between the two entities.

3. “Google is a Trademark of Google, Inc.“:
This statement acknowledges the trademark ownership of the term “Google” by Google, Inc. It serves as a legal notice that the term “Google” is a protected trademark of the official company. This is important for intellectual property reasons, as it recognizes and respects the legal rights of Google, Inc. regarding its brand name.

In summary, this disclaimer is designed to make it clear that “Tap it Now” is an independent entity not associated with Google, and that Google does not endorse or support the services provided by “Tap it Now.” Additionally, it recognizes and respects Google’s trademark rights to the term “Google.” Such disclaimers are often used to avoid potential legal issues and to provide transparency to users about the nature of the relationship between the website or service and the mentioned trademark or company.

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